Part Number: NF01111


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0111

D2-AA-AX-2-N-OP-500M-KX-A-XX-X-X-X-WBVAA1X D2-AA-AX-2-N-BS-0700-BX-X-XX-X-X-X-WBVAA1X 2 Pole DD frame circuit breaker, front mount, standard handle, M5 rear studs, 80Vdc, Pole 1 OP curve (instantaneous trip), 0.5Amps, series trip with Gold plated auxiliary switch. Pole 2 BS curve (Medium time delay), 7 Amps, series trip. White handle with black marking I-O, vertical orientation, black front plate. Small interphase barriers, UL recognised. CBI reorder: D2AKXA0063

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