Part Number: NF01053


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0105

D-2-A-A-AX-3-S-AS-1500-BX-X-XX-X-X-X-Y-D-V-A-A-B-X D-2-A-A-AX-3-S-AS-1500-KX-B-XX-X-X-X-Y-D-V-A-A-B-X D-2-A-A-AX-3-S-AS-1500-BX-X-XX-X-X-X-Y-D-V-A-A-B-X. Front Mounted DD Frame Circuit Breaker, 15 Amps with AS Curve @ 120/240 Volts AC, Fitted with M5 Rear Studs, Small Interphase Barriers, Yellow Handle marked ON-OFF. Pole 2 is fitted with an Aux Switch. CBI Re-Order Number D2ABXA0231.

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