Part Number: NF01004


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0100

D-2-A-A-AX-3-Q-BS-4800-HX-X-B1-E-X-X-B-D-V-A-A-Z-X D-2-A-A-AX-3-Q-BS-4800-KX-B-XX-X-X-X-B-D-V-A-A-Z-X D-2-A-A-AX-3-Q-BS-4800-KX-B-XX-X-X-X-B-D-V-A-A-Z-X. Front Mounted 3 Pole DD Frame Circuit Breaker, 48 Amps with BS Curve (must hold 110% rated current) @ 415 Volts AC. Fitted with M5 Rear Studs, Small Phase Barriers and Black Handles marked I-O. Pole 1 is a 4 Terminal Dual Control 24 Volt DC Relay Trip and Pole 2 & 3 has Auxiliary Contacts fitted. CBI Re-Order Number D2AHXA0017

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