Part Number: NF00971


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0097

D2-A2-MX-2-Q-AI-8000-KX-B-XX-XXX-W-D-V-A-A-B-X D2-A2-MX-2-Q-AI-8000-HX-X-A4-F-XX-W-D-V-A-A-B-X. 2 pole D frame mid trip circuit breaker, front mount, M6 rear studs, 240/415V 50/60Hz, AI curve (long time delay) with Inertia wheel. 80 Amps, pole 1 is series trip with Aux switch and pole 2 is dual control, relay trip @110-125V AC 50-60Hz. white handle with black markings I-O and ON-OFF, Vertical orientation, black front plate, small interphase barriers, CE Mark. Equivalent to Heinemann Part number: AM2R-A39-A6-LB-16-D-NU-54-80-251-V50P

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