Part Number: NF00906


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0090

D-2-A-A-AX-3-J-BS-0500-LA-X-XX-X-X-X-W-D-V-A-A-2-X. D frame DD type, front mount square aperture, standard handle, M5 Rear Studs, 3 pole metric, 240V 50/60Hz, medium time delay, 5 amp, series trip mid trip handle, white handle with black marking marked I-O/on-off, black front standard marking, small interphase barrier, approvals UL489 cUL or (UL listed, CSA), IEC90947-2-VDE Longcode was: -DA-A-B-A-3-Q-A-1-0-X-B-N-BS-0500-X CBI reorder code D2ALAA0001

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