Part Number: NF00680A


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0068

D-2-A-A-MX-4-N-AS-K100-KX-B-XX-X-X-X-J-B-V-A-X-Z-X D-2-A-A-MX-4-N-AS-K100-KX-B-XX-X-X-X-J-B-V-A-A-Z-X D-2-A-A-MX-4-N-AS-K100-BX-X-XX-X-X-X-J-B-V-A-A-Z-X D-2-A-A-MX-4-N-AS-K100-HX-X-B1-F-X-X-J-B-V-A-X-Z-X D Frame DD Type circuit breaker, front mount square aperture, standard handle, M6 terminals, 4 pole breaker, 100 amps, 80Vdc, long time delay (AS Curve) 50/60hZ or DC. Poles 1 & 2 fitted with one auxiliary switch each, silver tips, equally spaced terminals, pole 3 series trip and pole 4 series trip fitted with 24Vdc Dual control relay trip construction (4 terminals) & M6 studs. Orange handle marked I-O, vertical handle orientation (standard mounting, line @ top), black front plate standard marking. Poles 1/2 & poles 3/4 paralleled together with bus bar on both line and load sides to make a 2 pole circuit breaker. CBI reorder no: D2AKXA0240

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