Part Number: NF00557


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0055

D-DA-M-A-X-4-B-D-B-0-X-B-X-BS-K100-X-2 D-DA-M-B-G-4-B-D-B-0-X-B-J-BS-K100-X-2 D-DA-M-B-G-4-B-D-H-0-X-B-J-BS-K100-D024-2 D-DA-M-A-X-4-B-D-B-0-X-B-X-BS-K100-X-2. Front Mounted 4 Pole D Frame Circuit Breaker, 100 Amps @ 24 Volts DC with BS Curve. Pole 3 fitted with a 3 Stud 24 volts DC Dual Control Shunt Trip. Poles 1/2 and 3/4 paralleled together with Bus Bar on both Line and Load sides to make a Double Pole device. Small Phase barrier to be fitted between Poles 2 & 3. Fitted with Orange Handles on Poles 2 & 3 Marked I-O/ON-OFF and M6 Rear Studs. CBI Re-order No DDABM0219

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