Part Number: NF00540A


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0054

D-2-A-A-MX-2-J-AS-8000-KX-A-XX-X-X-X-Y-D-V-A-A-Z-X D-2-A-A-MX-2-J-OX-8000-DX-X-B1-E-X-X-G-D-V-A-A-Z-X Front Mount 2 Pole DD Frame fitted with M6 Rear Studs and Small Phase Barriers between Poles 1 & 2. Pole 1 is rated 80 Amps with AS Curve @ 240 Volts AC. Pole 2 is a Switch rated @ 80 Amps with OX Curve @ 240 Volts AC. Pole 1 is fitted with an Aux Contact. Pole 2 as viewed from the front is fitted with a 4 Rear Stud Relay Trip that must operate between 24-28 Volts DC. Fitted with Yellow Handle Marked I-O on Pole 1 and Green Handle on Pole 2. CBI Reorder No D2AKXA0112

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