Part Number: NF00371


Manufacturer: CBI

Part Series: NF0037

D-DA-M-E-A-4-Z(110)-D-B-0-X-B-N-OP-XXXX-D110D-DA-M-E-A-4-Q-A-1-0-X-B-N-BS-6000-X D-DA-M-E-A-4-Q-A-1-0-X-B-N-BS-6000-X D-DA-M-E-A-4-Q-A-1-0-X-B-N-BS-6000-X. 4 Pole DD Frame, 60 Amps @ 240/415 Volts AC with BS curve. White Handle marked ON-OFF with M6 Rear Studs and Large Interphase Barriers. 1st Pole on the left as viewed from the Front is a 110 Volt DC Voltage Series Trip Pole with OP Curve. All front face printing to be up side down. CBI Re-Order No. DDABM0196 40627

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