LPA Channel Electric 0-0165034-0

Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4", 10 AWG, 6 mm², PIDG Series, Yellow


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LMB 00-85001341-001

Optifan 45SD, power supply 28Vdc, speed 15000 rpm, electrical interface: flying leads, mechanical interface 3 points mounting: see ICD 04-85024990-001, Airflow 52.98 cfm, 42 watts input power, 1.50 A Input Current, Temperature -55°C to 85°C

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LMB 00-85001347-001

Axial fan OPTIFAN 75HD, 16,000RPM

Airflow 294 cfm, 182 W Input Power, 6.50 A Input Current

Temperature: -55°C to 85°C

Mechanical interface: servo ring

Electrical interface: flying leads

Electronic protection: varnish

Surface finish: black chromic a

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LMB 00-85001348-001

OPTIFAN 75HD Fan, 28VDC, 16000rpm, Flying leads, square flange

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LMB 00-85001349-001

Optifan 75 28 Vdc 1600rpm, Flying leads, Square Flange

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LMB 00-85001354-001

Optifan 75HD

Power supply: 28Vdc

Airflow 294 CFM

Input Power: 182 Watts

Input Current: 6.50 A

Operating Speed: 16000rpm

Temperature: -55°C to 85°C

Electrical interface: Flying leads

Mechanical interface: Servo rings

Electronic protection: pottin

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LMB 00-85001359-001

DC Brushless Motor TRAM LR1 as used on Class 166 Under Seat Saloon Heater Fan Motor.

77 Watts @ 28 Volts DC, 2.8 Amps with an Inrush of < 5 Amps.

Operating & Storage Temperatures -40°C to + 85°C.

Clockwise Rotation as viewed from the Drive Shaft End,

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LMB 00-85001372-001

HYPER 95-01 Fan, Power supply 27VDC,Speed 23000rpm, Electrical interference Connector

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LMB 00-85001373-001

Axial fan OPTIFAN 75HD,

Operating Speed 16,000RPM

Airflow 280 CFM

Input Power: 126 Watts

Input Current: 4.50 A

Temperature: -55°C to + 85°C

Power supply 28Vdc

Mechanical interface: servo ring

Electrical interface: flying leads with over shieldi

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LMB 00-85001376-001

Optifan 70 Fan

Power Supply 28Vdc

Operating Speed: 22000rpm

Airflow: 120 CFM

Input Power: 40 Watts

Input Current: 1.40 A

Temperature: -55°C to + 85°C

Electrical Interface: flying leads

Mechanical Interface: Servo ring

electronic protection potti

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